The white glued joint

The new bonding process implemented by Danielmeyer ensures glued joints stay permanently white.


Matt surfaces

Matt is the new gloss! The super-matt nanotech surface leaves virtually no finger marks. Scratches are easy to remove. Ideal for use in the kitchen environment.


15 mm worktops

Thin tops with a super-strong composition – these are our 15 mm worktops with a high-density fibreboard core.


Laser edge

The edges are finished entirely without glue. As a result and especially in the case of white decorative finishes this produces a visual and functional zero join between the top and the edge.


LED light strips

LED light plays a key role in the modern kitchen. Whether as an illuminated wall backsplash or usedunderneath the worktop, LED light sets the mood.


Push ON holder

Small but in no way insignificant! The lowerable holders can be used not only as a towel rail but also to accept receptacles. The outcome is an innovative and discreet solution.