Over seven decades and into the third generation the worktop manufacturer Danielmeyer has evolved from a craft business into a strong “just-in-time” service provider to the kitchen industry. Today about 70 employees work in the plant in Löhne that is managed by the siblings Regina Danielmeyer and Rainer Danielmeyer.

Danielmeyer offers worktops in thicknesses of 15 to 100 mm, which can be combined with an array of attractive edging variants and alcove walls, giving kitchens a valuable and distinctive character. Business director Regina Danielmeyer proudly mentions one specialty of the worktop custom manufacturer from OWL: “As a just-in-time service provider we ensure that our customers can take delivery of their products on their premises within 5 days and just as the market undergoes constant development, so we too continue to develop further.”

In addition Danielmeyer has a highly qualified, independent team and a modern machine facility, which guarantees the utmost in quality and delivery reliability. “This is the only way,” states the business manager, “we are able to manufacture any however complicated worktop in the desired décor within a few work days.”

However, the company does not only score through quality, delivery reliability and a large variety of HPL decors and solid woods. In addition to flush-finished sinks and hobs it offers products that are leading the trend. For example the laser edge. The edges are finished entirely without glue. “As a result,” says Danielmeyer, “a visual and functional zerojoin between the top and the edge is possible. Especially in the case of light coloured and particularly white decorative finishes this produces a really fabulous, convincing look as if it were made out of one piece.” Along with this edge treatment method Danielmeyer is of course also able to offer the proven EVA and the higher quality PUR glue method.

This year we would again like to surprise you with a number of innovative and interesting new items. A worktop made of acrylicbased mineral material with a pore-free surface and our new compact board are just two products that can be used in designing and equipping modern kitchens today. As innovative additions to the worktops and alcove back walls and thus for increasing their value Danielmeyer also offers LED light as illuminated backsplash strips and the “Push on”, a holder retractable into the worktop for towels or for holding receptacles.

These and additional solutions are being offered to its customers that appreciate the delivery reliability, quality and fast and uncomplicated realisation of specifications by the worktop specialist that, of course, is PEFC™ and FSC® C119063 certified. “We”, says business manager Danielmeyer, “maintain a very intense exchange with our customers. This is what makes us strong.”