Sinks / Hobs

Why clean around sinks and hobs if you don’t have to?

We offer many sinks and hobs in a flush-fitting design. The annoying scrubbing of corners and edges is no longer necessary in this area – one wipe and everything is clean.

Flush-fitting Sinks

Ceramic sink yes, but too bulky? Not so with Danielmeyer. We produce flush-fitting cut-outs also for thick-walled ceramic or synthetic resin sinks.


Sinks that fit flush with the worktop surface are charming and elegant. In doing so special attention is paid to maximum accuracy of fit. The sink and worktop surface merge to form a whole.


Absolutely on trend. Many sinks can be installed from underneath to fit flush with the worktop surface above. The special casting resin prevents the ingress of water into the worktop.

Flush-fitting Hobs

Danielmeyer now offers what could not be offered previously. The flush-fitting cut-out for ceramic and induction hobs is the eyecatcher in any kitchen.