Worktops with a certain something...

In seven decades and in the third generation, we have developed as a worktop fabricator from a craftsman's business into a strong "just-in-time" service provider. We ensure that our customers have their products on site within a few working days. And as the market develops, so do we. Our motto is therefore: Danielmeyer makes more out of worktops.

Around 70 employees work at the plant in Löhne today. "Just-in-time" places high demands on both production and sales. This can only be guaranteed by a qualified, self-reliant team with a high willingness to perform. Our team is "the formula for success".

Danielmeyer offers worktops in thicknesses from 16 to 100 mm, which can be combined with a variety of attractive edging variants and alcove walls, giving kitchens a valuable and unmistakable character.

We ensure that our customers have their products on site within 5 working days.

A qualified team working independently and a modern machine park guarantee the highest level of quality and delivery reliability.

We score with quality, delivery reliability and a wide variety of HPL decors. In addition to flush-finished sinks and hobs, our customers appreciate the fast and uncomplicated implementation of specifications. And we maintain a very intensive exchange with our customers. That is what makes us strong.


Worktop decors

Fenix is the unique innovative surface that is highly scrub and scratch resistant. The super matt nanotech surface retains no fingerprints and feels pleasantly velvety soft. If a scratch happens to appear it can be easily removed with a dirt eraser or iron. The antibacterial and antistatic properties make it particularly suitable for use in the kitchen and in store designs.


All other decors at a glance:

Strengths / Thicknesses

Does it always have to be a standard solution? We not only offer 40 mm, but also 16 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm and 100 mm thick tops. The ideal tool for any kitchen planner.

Thin tops but with inner strength – these are our 16 mm thick worktops with a sturdy fibreboard core. Thicker worktops over 40 mm are visually reinforced. This method of construction reduces the strain on the kitchen cabinets.


RK edge

40 mm

RK = worktops with postformed edge (radiused edge)
edge radius generally 3 mm

PP edge

16 | 40 mm

PP = PP thick edge
Edge radius 1.5 mm.

SK edge

40 | 60 | 80 | 100 mm

SK = laminate edges (ORIGINAL laminate of worktop surface used for edge).

Sinks / Hobs

Why clean around sinks and hobs if you don’t have to?

We offer many sinks and hobs in a flush-fitting design. The annoying scrubbing of corners and edges is no longer necessary in this area – one wipe and everything is clean. A flush-fitting cut-out for ceramic and induction hobs is the eyecatcher in any kitchen.

Flush-fitting stainless steel sink
Flush-fitting stainless steel sink
Flush-fitting ceramic sink
Flush-fitting ceramic sink
Flush-fitting hob
Flush-fitting hob
Wall panels

It would be hard to imagine today’s kitchen environment without real laminate wall panels - whether in the same design as the worktop or in a contrasting colour.

Education / Career / Application

Would you like to become part of the Danielmeyer company? Qualified employees are always welcome.

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